when i was 4 my dad asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up and i replied ‘daddy i want to be a cheesecake’ it’s been 12 fucking years and no one has let me forget it 


when you walk into the auditorium and your athlete son and his athlete best friend are preparing for a play by painting a wooden tree that is a part of the set


you guys my blog is so funny


hello john mccain


somebody take photoshop away from me

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween


today in french class i turned to talk to my friend and saw my friend eric

he was not wearing that when i had 3rd period with him nor was he wearing it when he walked in the classroom


me: *thinks of memes*

me: image


I’m so hipster… u probably haven’t heard of my favorite band… glee cast